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Ivan is a lead software engineer, JS advocate, mentor and tech speaker. Trying to explain why is JavaScript so awesome and why should everyone learn it!

Belgrade, Serbia

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Running Express, Koa and Hapi on HTTP/2

Since I've started to work on web apps, I am searching for ways to improve page speeds and create better user experience. We are minifying our code, bundling files and optimizing images. One thing that we don't think about is server protocol. Is there a way to increase speed by changing protocol? Yes, there is! Welcome to HTTP/2 era! HTTP/2 is latest version of HTTP protocol, made by the HTTP Working Group. It's developed from SPDY, experimental protocol made by Google. Last HTTP version

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Working with HTTP streams with Cycle.js

Hi! These days everyone is talking about functional programming in JS, reactive programming, and streams. Some awesome libraries came out to help us to work with streams and my favorite is Cycle.js. It's created by André Staltz. I've recently started to use Cycle.js framework for reactive programming. This framework gives you the ability to think about what should your app do when some data comes in the stream (Sources) and what it should do when you send some response back (Sinks). It creates an

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What is npm shrinkwrap and why you should start using it right now?

I've recently talked to people who are mostly PHP developers and want to try Node.js. For installing and managing dependencies, they use Composer. Composer creates 2 files, composer.json and composer.lock. Composer.json file is similar to package.json in Node.js but what's composer.lock? Here comes npm shrinkwrap. NPM shrinkwrap lets you lock down the ver­sions of installed pack­ages and their descen­dant pack­ages. It helps you use same package versions on all environments (development, staging, production) and also

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Welcome to my new blog

Hi! Welcome to my redesigned blog! I've gained big experience in software and web development in the past couple years and I am starting to share my thoughts and ideas with the world. I hope that you will find something interested here. I will give my best to write at least one article per week. It will usually be something about JavaScript and it's ecosystem, but I also like to write about pretty code, my ideas, and best practice recommendations. If you like my articles, please

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