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Ivan is a lead software engineer, JS advocate, mentor and tech speaker. Trying to explain why is JavaScript so awesome and why should everyone learn it!

Belgrade, Serbia

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Micro Frontends - how I built an SPA with Angular and React?

If you're working in a big company, you're probably struggling to work on a single application with multiple teams. You have the large codebase, bunch of components, pages, everything is connected and you're always overlapping your work with some other team. Yeah, I know, that sucks, I've been there and tried a bunch of things to fix that issue.When you work on a single app with multiple teams, on different functionalities, you need to have:A big shared codebase that everybody maintains and has routing,

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Go remote with your company

If you're still having big offices in your company, making your employees to come at 9 AM every morning to the office and stay till 5 PM, you're doing it wrong. Modern technologies have given us the freedom to work from any part of the world and be more productive and happy. It also helps you to hire quality people, no matter where they live. Usually, no one wants to move from their country, especially if they live there for decades. Remote companies can find those

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Getting your first remote job

In the era of modern technology, traditional working environments are losing their battle with new approaches to work and team organizations. That's visible in almost every industry, especially in software development. Companies are going remote now, people can work from their home and be more productive. People tend to be more happy, to travel more and spend more time with their families. This sounds interesting, right? You want to have to work for best global companies without leaving your home and learning more than in the

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Reactive Redux state with RxJS

If you're like me, you're using Redux every day, to manage your state, probably with React, or any other view library or framework. You definitely know how hard is when it comes to handling async code and side effects. I know that very well, been there, tried all kinds of stuff and I think that I finally found the best way (in my opinion) to do it. Today I'd like to show you that it doesn't have to be that hard, you can still have fun

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AWS Serverless stack - API Gateway, Lambda and DynamoDB

Hi. I've recently written an article about Claudia API Builder and AWS Lambda and it got a lot of views. You can check it here: http://ivanjov.com/building-serverless-api-with-claudia-api-builder/. If you haven't read it, now's the time, you will need to understand what is Claudia API Builder and AWS Lambda before going through this article. Today I want to talk about how can we use a database in Claudia API Builder and make an awesome serverless stack. Since we are using AWS Lambda service, in this

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