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  • React, JavaScript in general
  • Reactive programming, Cycle.js, RxJS
  • Microservice architecture
  • NodeJS
  • GraphQL
  • Remote work, hiring, managing remote teams

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If you're organizing a conference or a meetup, I am happy to come and speak. We can discuss the topic and I can create a brand new talk for you. I'd like to get some help with the travel and accommodation, we can always discuss that. If you're interested, ping me on

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Thinking Reactive in JavaScript

Abstract: You have heard for React, right? Well, it's not reactive at all. This talk will show you how to think in a Reactive way, how to properly use streams and improve your apps. We’ll talk about some great alternatives to React for writing frontend apps. There is something cool about functional programming, pure functions and pure data streams that you should know.

Introduction to Micro Frontends

Abstract: Nowadays, applications are becoming so big and complex and most of the app is living on the client side. It’s becoming so hard to maintain those apps and we’re usually making more bugs than fixing them. This talk will show you how to fix this problem. Welcome to the era of Micro Frontends, a microservice oriented architecture on the frontend. Let’s see what are our options and how can we split our big monolith apps into smaller pieces that are independent but also work together and serve awesome user experience.