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Ivan Jovanovic

I am Ivan, a senior software engineer currently working at NearForm. I am playing key roles in big teams and helping companies grow and develop awesome consumer and enterprise software with JavaScript.

I've started to write code in 4th grade after I got my first computer (don't remember which one). The first language I worked at was Visual Basic 6. My first language wasn't Pascal or C (this was the usual "first language" for newbies). I wanted to work with the language that can build something visual and usable.

After Visual Basic 6, I started with .Net platform and Visual Basic 2005. Then I found C and C# and started building some awesome apps. In my primary school, I've built FNotepad, an upgraded version of the Windows Notepad, which was downloaded more than 10000 times and was featured on Softpedia and Brothersoft.

I was always interested in Web and how it works so I started to learn HTML/CSS and a little bit of JS and in 2010 I earned my first money. I saw that the web has big potential so I worked a lot and learned JS and PHP (PHP was my primary language for a long time). After many projects, companies, books and courses, different programming languages, I've gained a lot of experience. I've also studied CS fundamentals, such as algorithms and data structures.

Many years have passed, it's amazing to remember all the stuff I worked on. I am now trying to teach others what's so special about programming, especially on the web and I am big JS fan. I love to speak and write about programming. I love to travel and you can find me all over the world. I always try to speak at meetups and conferences, as much as I can.