I am currently working at Cloud Horizon on some awesome projects (will be posted here soon)! Bellow are the projects I worked on:


I worked in Clevertech as a Full-stack web developer mainly focused at front end JS and backend Node. Worked with Angular, React, Gulp, Less and lot of new and fancy stuff. I was part of the internal team and worked on projects that are used by all developers and management. Created some awesome micro services, email system, git report system and improved testing coverage of systems. I’ve re-organized some important parts of applications and automated everyday tasks. I also assisted on other client projects.

Apps I worked on:

Surefire web design

I've worked in SureFire web design team as a full-stack web developer. Our main apps were DeadlineFunnel, SurveyFunnel, AWProTools and my main project ReplayRobot. We used Laravel and lot of JS in the frontend. I have used Angular to implemented some nice interfaces and functionalities and make better user experience.

I have also worked directly with clients on a helpdesk or live message software. Helped 100+ clients to use our software and make best from them. Fixed thousands of bugs and was improving company environment every day!

Apps I worked on:

Freelance (self-employed)

From an early start of my career, I was working as independent contractors for international companies from USA, Canada, England, Germany, Australia… From early stage startups to multinational companies, everyone found my work very useful. I was able to complete some of the most important features and apps, lead teams, improved app stabilities and test coverages.

Some apps I worked on: